Wednesday, April 1, 2009

2 Bumps, 1 Baby

So Casey took a picture of me in March to mark my sixth months of pregnancy. Upon taking the picture, Casey said, "Ooooh, are you having twins?" Referring to my butt being the same size as my belly.

If only that could be my excuse for the explosion happening behind me. 

Now that I am 7 months pregnant, I started working out again. (As an ahtlete, I know better. But I'm lazy. It's always been a major flaw of mine. Now that my regular jeans are getting too tight to wear, even with the elastic band trick, I've decided enough is enough. I haven't bought a pair of maternity pants yet, and I'm not going to now!) I'm trying to maintain my current 25 lb weight gain. With 2.5 months still to go. Maybe I should just shoot for 30 lbs and call it good?

Good news- I'm feeling really good. And food has never tasted better. Maybe that is where that other bump comes into play. I can't get enough of everything I eat. Let's hope I don't feel this way for the remaining 12 weeks or my butt bump might outgrow my belly bump. Sad thought.

Our baby boy is doing really well. Healthy heart beat. Health baby who kicks A LOT. Casey and I can't wait for him to make his debut. I hope he weighs at least 15 lbs.