Saturday, April 10, 2010

Max Killed the Easter Bunny

We went to Ventura for Easter and General Conference. When we arrived, my Mother-in-law, Nancy, told us the funniest/saddest story. Apparently she had woken up that morning and gone down to the kitchen to use the back door to the side yard. When she opened the door there was a gift on the doorstep from their dog, Max. A dead white fluffy bunny rabbit. She was so shocked and mortified. She was worried we would show up and have a bad Easter because of that. Ha ha. She is so sweet. Cash has no idea about that stuff. But can you imagine if he was 5 years old? Waking up on Easter morning to run outside and look for the Easter Bunny. Only to be greeted by his dead body and no eggs/presents? Talk about traumatizing. Luckily, we arrived later that afternoon with living lovely fluffy bunny thoughts still in our head.

We celebrated Easter twice this year. First at our ward Easter Egg Hunt.

And then with the Patterson's in Ventura on Easter Sunday. Cash loved waking up to so many admirers and presents.
The Patterson's are a musical bunch. They have a lot of musical instruments in a room devoted to instruments. Cash is going to go crazy in this room one day just banging away. For now, Grandpa Patterson patiently held Cash while he experimented with all of them. He gets his musical talent from Casey obviously.

We had a fabulous Easter up in Ventura. It's so fun to see the Patterson's and escape to their beautiful farm. I love how excited they are about everything that Cash does. It's a new experience to have the first and only grandchild on Casey's side. He is the 35th grandchild on my side. I love how much they love him.

We Are Family

My cousin, Katie Hatch (, took our family pictures when we were in Puerto Rico.

The Patterson's...

Friday, April 9, 2010

Lucky Number 9

Cash turned 9 months old! That is a lucky number in our household. Casey and I both were #9 at BYU. Ahhhhhhhh.

So you can imagine how excited we were to celebrate 9 months of our little lover boy, Cash. He is just too cute for words and getting big fast. The other day Casey and I looked at him and it hit us that he's not a baby anymore. I'm sure that realization will dawn on us many more times in our life with him. The past 9 months really have flown by and we are soaking up everything little detail about our sweet Cashman.

Here is what he's doing now..
  • Mastered the art of crawling. And he's really fast! It always surprises me how quick he is. He's especially speedy when he wants something, the front door is open, or the bathroom door is open. One day I caught him standing up by the toilet with both hands in the bowl, splashing around in the toilet water. I was sickened. Immediate bath. His other favorite bathroom pastime is to crawl in while I'm getting ready and unroll the entire toilet paper roll. How do all babies know this trick? One day he stood up and started spinning it. He saw the paper falling to the ground and he just knew it was exciting. Now every time the bathroom door is open, he goes first for the toilet water and then the toilet paper roll. It's crazy how well he remembers things like that. He is drawn to everything I don't want him to play with. It's his special gift.
  • Pulling himself to standing whenever possible. He loves standing by the couch and the ottoman. The only downside to this is that he uses his mouth to help pull himself up to the standing position. Now the edges of the couch and ottoman are covered in snot, spit, and soggy food. It's gross. But it is fun to have him standing up like a big boy. He gets so proud when he is up standing tall. He likes the view from there. Better get used to it.
  • Not a one trick pony. Cash has all sorts of things he can do now, but he won't do them on command. When he feels like performing though, it is so funny to watch. He just pulls out one trick after the other and watches to make sure you are getting excited and the attention level is sufficient before going on to the next trick just to see your amazed reaction. He is such a ham. I love it. He is also the master of the look away. He gets this from Grandpa Brown. My Dad never tells a joke without turning his head and looking away after he delivers the knockout punchline. It's hilarious. And Cash does the same kind of thing. He performs and then automatically looks away and waits for the reaction. As if to say, "My work is done here. I'm out." Cracks me up. He is definitely going to be funny. Some of his go-to tricks these days are: making a loud clap noise when he claps, funny faces, pointing, crawling over obstacles and different levels, breathing in sharply and making an inhale noise, breathing hard out of his nose while closing his eyes and smiling a big fake smile (super funny), and talking nonsense.
  • Loves to walk while holding our hands
  • Loves swinging at the park and playing in the sand at the beach
  • Loves finger foods (and eating in general)
  • Loves to drink out of cups
  • Loves to read books (or at least be read to while he pets them and bites them)
  • Messing things up. Cash spends all day long following me around the house and getting into whatever I'm doing. He loves being in the mix. And mixing things up.
  • Laughing McLaughster. Cash loves to giggle. He giggles at funny faces, kisses, and every time we are wearing hats/sunglasses. He laughs really hard when we throw him in the air, spin him around, or play airplane with him. He loves to laugh and smile. I love that about him. He is such a happy baby. Always ready with a big toothy smile. Whenever I go to get him out of his crib, he is standing up waiting attentively and staring at the door. When I come in, he starts jumping up and down and squealing. He always has a big smile for me. And his big ole goofy teeth make the smile that much more joyful.
  • Exploring. He is all about testing and experimenting everything he can get his hands on. He loves going to the beach and the park because there are countless things he can test with his mouth and so much room for him to escape. I can't even see most of the tiny items he zones in on and picks up with his little pinchers. Cash is very into details right now.
  • Talking Nonsense. He spends more time exercising his vocal cords these days. It's all nonsense, but every now and then he will repeat me when I say, "Dada". It's fun to hear him chatter all day.
We go to the doctor in a few weeks for his 9/10 month check-up. I can't wait to see his new stats. He is getting so big and tall! I can't believe his first birthday is just around the corner.