Monday, May 18, 2009

Introducing...Stick Figure Patterson

We went to the doctor's last week for my 34 week check up. My doctor said, "Your baby is looking really good and healthy. Strong heartbeat. His head is measuring ahead of schedule at 37 weeks. His legs are measuring really long at 36 weeks. And his belly is measuring 33 weeks. He's got a really big head." After we stopped laughing (and grimacing at the thought of a large head during delivery), I said, "So basically we are having a stick figure?" Ha ha ha. He got a kick out of that. He looked at us and said, "Well what did you two expect?" I guess he's got a point there. The good news is that he is in the right position. Head down. Moving towards the exit. Good boy! The doctor kept commenting on how big his head was. I took that as a compliment because big heads equal intelligence, right? Then for the rest of the appointment, Casey couldn't stop himself from quoting So I Married an Axe Murdered. "It's like an orange on a toothpick." Sure it's funny until you start thinking about a really large melon coming out of a small hole, then it's not so funny. But at least he'll be smart? I'll just keep telling myself that.

I finished my online childbirth class yesterday. At the end of it, they encouraged us to watch a real live natural birth. Man, was that a mistake. I was dry-heaving by the end. What did I sign up for?

35 days! Am I ready?

This is my last week of work. My maternity leave starts next week. I'm stoked. Can't wait to get everything ready for our baby boy. I'll post pics of the nursery as soon as it's all done.

My sister Nikki and some of my close friends in our ward threw me a baby shower this week. It was perfect. So much fun and so good to see everyone. There were so many people there that I hardly got the chance to talk to everyone, but I am so grateful to everyone who came. I love all my friends! A lot of my volleyball girlfriends were able to come and the ladies from the ward kept commenting that it was giant land. Ha ha ha. So funny. There is a height limit in my group of friends. Honestly. No, not really. But I have spent the last 10 years of my life on volleyball teams and that is where I've made my closest friends, so I guess us tall girls stick together. I love my teammates! Anyhow, Nikki threw me a circle-themed party with the best salads, cookies, and cupcakes. She did such a great job. Thank you so much Nikki! You're the best. And thank you so much to everyone who helped with the shower. Especially Linnie for letting us have it at her house! I got the most incredible gifts. Blankets, bibs, burp clothes, clothes, shoes, toys, books, diapers, and more blankets. I LOVED everything so much. I can't wait for this little man to get here already so I can start using all of my baby stuff.

I'm working on my nursery this week. I'll post pics of it soon.

Friday, May 15, 2009

What A Difference A Day Makes

I'm a total slacker. Here's an update on the past few months.
  • My sister Misha came to CA for a quick weekend trip and brought my Dad with her. It was so good to see her, Arden, and my Dad. My Dad kept saying that this was possibly his last road trip to CA so he might as well enjoy it. What a happy little camper! He is doing pretty well. He has been feeling a lot better, but he's aged a lot. We went to Disneyland one day with all of my princess nieces, to the beach the next day, and hung out with family the whole weekend. I love my family! I miss living by everyone in Utah.
  • My friend Carrie had her birthday party. We only live 45 mins away from each other and are both really lazy, so we only see each other on special occasions. It's always so good to see her.
  • My boss rewarded me with two luxury suite tickets to see the Britney Spears concert at the Staples Center. OH MY GOSH!!!! It was sooooooooooo much fun. My friend Jenny was about 9 months pregnant at the time and I was 7 months pregnant, and we just danced the night away to Britney. Amazing night. Everyone kept staring at us. Guess you don't see pregnant ladies hitting the town together and bumping out to Britney every day. It was the best concert I've ever been to. Who cares if she lip syncs? She's amazing and puts on quite the show.

  • Casey turned 29!!!!!!! He's so old now. :) We hit up Disneyland to get the complimentary $70 birthday giftcard. I love you Disney! We made it on two rides before I was too hot and miserable to be out walking any longer. Afterwards, we went shopping for his presents, had dinner, and just hung out. What a great birthday! Happy Birthday Casey. I love you so much.

  • Casey's family came to visit us for Casey's birthday the next weekend and brought us all of our baby gifts. We finally have a crib!!!!! It's beautiful. They bought us so many gifts, we feel really spoiled. We went to dinner at BJ's and I devoured a pizookie. So yummy. Thank you to the Patterson's for all of our gifts, a day of fun, and a delicious dinner.
  • We flew to Utah for Easter weekend. My sisters threw me a lovely shower. It was at my sister Jacque's house and it was a blast. We had AMAZING food, loads of beautiful women, lots of catching up, and spectacular gifts. Thank you so much to all my lovely Utah sisters for throwing me that shower. I love them so much. And thank you to everyone who came. I'm so grateful for all of the beautiful women in my life. I can't wait to be a mom. While we were in Utah, we had a family Easter egg hunt, my nephew's farewell, and lots of parties. I love visiting Utah and seeing my huge family. We spent the weekend taking care of my Dad and it's always so comforting to see him. He's such a trooper. While we were in Utah, I got the stomach flu. It was terrible. Terrible. I spent the rest of the weekend really really sick. I'll spare the details. It was reminiscent of my first two trimesters of pregnancy, but even worse. Man, I hate throwing up so bad. And on top of it, everything else that comes with the flu. Not pretty. But all in all, it was so good to be back in Utah if only briefly.

  • I submitted my life story as a first time mom on the Ellen DeGeneres Show's website hoping to get tickets to the Mother's Day show. Guess what? My story was picked!!!! I was given two tickets to the show. I invited my sister Nikki to go with me. It was a long long long day. But sooooooooo worth it. I love the Ellen show. And I LOVE getting free stuff. It was so much fun. We got over $3,500 in baby swag. Incredible! Thank you Ellen!
  • Casey has already played in six AVP tournaments this summer and placed in the top ten every time! Him and his partner Ty placed 5th in Huntington Beach! It was amazing. He is playing so well this season. I'm so proud of him.
Casey has been nominated as a Paul Mitchell Hot Shot on the AVP website. He needs your votes to win. Click here to vote for him. You can vote once a day, every day, per computer until the end of September. Help us win a Paul Mitchell sponsorship! He really deserves it. And he has hot hair!