Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pumpkin Patootie

We spent General Conference weekend up with Grandpa & Grandma Patterson in Ventura, CA. We had a great time with them. It was so fun to see them with Cash. He is their first grandson/nephew and they shower him with love. They have a beautiful farm house with their own pumpkin patch. Here is Cash, our very own Pumpkin Patootie.

Mommy & Daddy love CASH

I was really behind on my posts, so I'm doing them all in a row. This a group of pictures that resembles how much Casey and I are in love with Cash. Casey and I are so grateful for his presence in our lives. We are so blessed to know him. He makes our lives so much more meaningful and joyous. Every day is a better day with him.

Cash and Mom hanging out watching TV. He seriously sits and watches TV with me for hours. He definitely takes after me in that respect. What a sweetheart. He usually either sits on my lap or in his bouncy chair kicking away.

We love our little Cashman.

Daddy and Cash are twiners!

Seriously? Does it get cuter than that?

Patterson by Name

On our way to San Francisco in August, we stopped by a little town by the name of Patterson. That's right. Patterson, California. We had so much fun driving/walking around and taking pictures of our name all over the town. That is one town that really loves us.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cash Makes Me Happy

Pictures of Cash that make me smile.

My big lover boy is 3 months old in these pictures. I can't believe how big he is now. I look back at his newborn pictures and it looks like a completely different baby. I loved him so much then, but I was just getting to know him. Now I feel like I've known him my whole life. He's been a part of me forever, with me always. He is so sweet. I can't wait for a lifetime with him.

Vegas BABY

Casey qualified for the Las Vegas AVP tourney this year which was his goal all season. I'm so proud of him. Only the top 15 players make it into this tournament, and he was ranked 13th! So Casey, Cash, and I road tripped to Vegas. The AVP put us up in the Mandalay Bay hotel where the tourney was being held. It was awesome. I love staying in hotels. I love having clean towels and sheets every day, big soft beds, a big bathtub, free toiletries, tissues, and having someone clean up after me every day. I feel so pampered. I took a hot bath every night in the huge tub while watching the flat screen on the wall in the bathroom. Amazing. I would love to live in a hotel. Anyways, back to the point, we had a blast in Vegas. Only complaint would be that is was so HOT! Cash and I were in a constant state of sweat. The Mandalay Bay has the most amazing wave pool and lazy river, so that was nice. But man, it was H.O.T.

My brother Joe drove down from Utah with my Dad, his son Ethan, and my nephew Truman. It was a boys weekend, except for me. :) I was so happy that they could all come down to support Casey. I love having my Dad and Joe around because they are hilarious and they are the family baby whisperers. I loved passing off Cash to them when I needed a break. My cousin Quinlan has been living in Vegas for a while now, so she came and joined us for Casey's games too. It was so good to see her. Most of my childhood memories involve her and it was like the good old days spending time together.

Casey was a ROCKSTAR in Vegas. He played so well and the whole tournament was buzzing about him. Did I mention I was proud of him? Well, I am. He has worked really hard and gone through a lot of obstacles (not to mention overcome a lot of neigh-sayers, me included) to become a top player in the AVP. This is only his second year playing and he has a lot of good years ahead of him. I can't wait to see what happens.

Monday, October 12, 2009

I Heart San Francisco

Casey had an AVP tourney in San Francisco in September. Cash and I tagged along. We made a road trip out of it and had a fun family vacation. Casey ended up taking 13th and played really well. The backdrop of the tournament was the Bay Bridge. It was incredible. Casey and I had never been to San Francisco before, so we had a blast exploring this historic city. Cash was such a trooper everywhere we went. It was a lot colder than I thought it would be and the only hat I had for Cash was one of his newborn hats that is really tight on him. He looks like he is wearing a super tight sailor beanie the whole trip! He is so adorable. We had a lot of fun hauling him around SF in the bjorn. Casey and I love being his parents. Here are some pics from our trip up north.
I wanted to explore the city as soon as we got to SF. I convinced Casey that we should start walking around and see as many sites as we could. Our hotel was only a block away from Union Square, so we ventured out. Twenty minutes later we were pushing the stroller straight uphill towards a cathedral on Nobb Hill. It was seriously straight up. I don't know how people live there and climb those hills every day. It is scary enough driving up and down those slopes, but walking them is insane. A little old grandpa beat us while we were trying to get to the top. It was incredible! If I lived there, I would be in amazing shape too. Or at least I would never own a stick shift. The city was beautiful and it made for great exploring. The best part was that Casey had to play the next day and he was so sore from our little exploration up and down all of the hills!

The last day we were there we went to see the Golden Gate Bridge. It was covered in fog the whole time, but it cleared up at the top of the scenic lookout. The problem was that the higher you got, the colder and more windy it was. Made for a better view, but man it was cold and windy. We wrapped up Cash really tight in blankets and then hurried out for a few pictures. It is definitely an incredible sight to see though. Breathtaking.