Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Love Playing Dress-Up

My favorite thing to do when I was little was to play pretend and dress-up. Whether that meant dressing myself up or dressing up my barbies, it didn't matter, as long as pretend and dressing up was involved. So when my friend Parker invited me to play on her Six-Man team, I was more than happy to play because the Six-Man tournament is like pretend dress-up for the adult volleyball world. I played on the Sunset Tan team and Casey played on the Spyder team (aka 801 team filled with his Utah buddies). It was so much fun. You dress up and play volleyball. Does it get better than that? My team ended up taking 16th place and Casey's team took 3rd place. This is definitely going to be an annual thing for us. Here's a picture journal of the weekend.

Sunset Tan Team 2008 (I'm kneeling in the middle)

Spyder Team 2008 (Casey's standing far left)

Me blocking the ball

My hot man,"Thor"

Coral, me, Baja, Rica, & Blair watching the boys play

Me & my Baja (Yes, that's a fake horse she's holding)

Baja & Tyler

Two of my favorite girls. Rica & Baja (ELK 4 LIFE)

My favorite guy with two of my favorite girls

Casey's man friend Joaquin

The Kids at the 2008 Manhattan Beach Six-Man tournament


Lindsey said...

How on earth did you play in that bikini? I would be falling out all over the place. Looks so fun!

Linds Forrest said...

World's hottest couple!! And girl... many props for playing in a bikini and looking smokin while doing it! Looks like such a blast!

Marcus Lane said...

LEXI! Looks like you guys have so much fun together! We will keep tabe now that we found your blog, ha ha ha!

Lauren said...

i love summer!!! i want to play next year! no more summer camps for me and rex. while we're slaving away inside a gym losing our tan you guys were playing on the beach and having a blast (while looking hotter than ever!). that's it i'm convinced - save me a spot on next year's roster. we're in for sure.

Katie said...

Hey, where can I get a hot bod like that? Pretty sexy, Lexi! Casey's Aunt Michelle and Uncle are back here in Puerto Rico working on another construction job.

Michelle C said...

Hey Lexi-
just came across your blog from Kaelea's. Looks like you and your hubby are having a great time together. Sorry to hear about your Dad, but glad the news was better than you expected. Fun to come across you and see how you're doing.
MIchelle (Porter)

Lindsey said...

How fun! it looks like you had a blast! Hope everything else is going great!

Barb said...

What the Kristen & Lexi!?! Yay Lexi I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog. Looks like life is treatin' you well, and so fun to see you are still playing volleyball. I've got a blog too, email me and I'll send you an invite.