Wednesday, June 10, 2009

E.L.K. Weekend

On May 28, 2009, we had our first official annual E.L.K. Girls Weekend in Huntington Beach, CA. It just so happens that I'm too pregnant to fly anywhere, so they all came to me!

8 1/2 months pregnant

Now you are all probably wondering what ELK is. I'll give you the run down. It is a secret society of tall beautiful women who are enamored with each other. It was started by the two first original members, Kristin and Lexi in 1997. Known back then as the Heroins Club. Then it gradually grew to include Erica and Lauren in 1998-1999. Finally it's fifth and final member was inducted in 2000, Kimberly. The club was then renamed to fit its members E.L.K (Erica, Lexi, Lauren, Kristin, and Kim).

ELK in 2005

Now 12 years later, the ELK club is still going strong. Still tall. Still beautiful. Still eternally enamored with each other. Over the past twelve years the friends have endured together through school, volleyball, graduations, heartache, love, loss, firsts, lasts, faith, disappointment, sickness, injury, health, marriage, adventures around the world, death, and new life. We stuck together no matter what came our way. And in 2009, we were finally able to have our first true girl's weekend in over 4 years! And what a time we had.

We spent the weekend at my house and we lived it up. Catching up, gossiping, shopping, laughing, crying, eating, reminiscing, watching movies, pampering, crafting, and loads of picture taking!

lots of laughing. good times.

decorating our Venitian masks

I love you girls so much. Thank you for coming to our ELK weekend. It was amazing. I can't wait for next year.

Erica (aka Rica), Lauren (aka LoLo), Lexi, Kristin (aka Baja), and Kim (aka Kimmy).


RayRay said...

I would like to formally thank E.L.K. for 2 things:

a) allowing me to be their friend even though I'm an extremely awkward person... and totally un-cool.

b) calling me on my birthday (I couldn't pick up because I was in a movie, and I was SO sad when I found out I missed you.)

Love you all. Muah.

Katie said...

Oh how fun! I'm not tall so I guess it's a fat chance I'd ever become a member, right? LOL! Miss you. When are you going to have that baby? Better post pics as soon as it happens ;-)

Trent and Kim said...

Love you Lex. You couldn't have written it better, I almost cried. I loved our reunion, and I already can't wait for our next one. We should start throwing out ideas for locations. ELK 4 Life!!

Lauren said...

i would have to agree with kimmy.. in fact do you mind if i 'borrow' your text for my blog and i'll use my pictures... ?.. you were always really good with words. love you

i love you girls more than anything!!!


Linds Forrest said...

That looks like such a blast! And you really are all so beautiful!!