Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sunny Days

We had two weeks of: rain. more rain. coughing. runny noses. sore throats. throw up. diahrrea. teething. sleepless nights. miserable mom and baby. Then the sun came out.

Now we are taking advantage of our last two weeks here on this tropical island. Here's the proof.

Pool time

Vega Baja beach

Mar Chiquita beach

We love it here. Can you tell?


Jenn said...

Oh I am so jealous. I am just living vicariously through you guys dreaming of warm weather and sandy beaches. I love Cash's swimsuits too.He's such a handsome little man.

Trent and Kim said...

I echo Jenn's comment. So freaking jealous of the paradise you are living in. I want so bad to go somewhere warm and bake in the sun right now. Cash is adorable, you and Casey look hot. I love the pictures.

Lindsey said...

Only two more weeks, huh? Well at least your living it up while you can!

Lauren said...

yay for sunshine!!! you guys all look so crazy happy and i love it.