Saturday, April 10, 2010

Max Killed the Easter Bunny

We went to Ventura for Easter and General Conference. When we arrived, my Mother-in-law, Nancy, told us the funniest/saddest story. Apparently she had woken up that morning and gone down to the kitchen to use the back door to the side yard. When she opened the door there was a gift on the doorstep from their dog, Max. A dead white fluffy bunny rabbit. She was so shocked and mortified. She was worried we would show up and have a bad Easter because of that. Ha ha. She is so sweet. Cash has no idea about that stuff. But can you imagine if he was 5 years old? Waking up on Easter morning to run outside and look for the Easter Bunny. Only to be greeted by his dead body and no eggs/presents? Talk about traumatizing. Luckily, we arrived later that afternoon with living lovely fluffy bunny thoughts still in our head.

We celebrated Easter twice this year. First at our ward Easter Egg Hunt.

And then with the Patterson's in Ventura on Easter Sunday. Cash loved waking up to so many admirers and presents.
The Patterson's are a musical bunch. They have a lot of musical instruments in a room devoted to instruments. Cash is going to go crazy in this room one day just banging away. For now, Grandpa Patterson patiently held Cash while he experimented with all of them. He gets his musical talent from Casey obviously.

We had a fabulous Easter up in Ventura. It's so fun to see the Patterson's and escape to their beautiful farm. I love how excited they are about everything that Cash does. It's a new experience to have the first and only grandchild on Casey's side. He is the 35th grandchild on my side. I love how much they love him.


Jenn said...

I'm dying over Cash's Easter outfit. He's such a handsome boy. And nine months old already? Didn't you just have him? Our little guys are going to have so much fun together this weekend. Well, as much fun as a four month old and nine month old can have together. One thing I'm sure of is that they'll be instant friends just like their moms!

Whitny said...

OH that is so sweet. Happy little fam.

Annie and Caleb Pinegar said...

That last picture just melts my heart. he is adorable and getting so grown up.

Ryan and Bethany said...

So fun! It was so great to see your little guy in person. He was so sweet and just a great laid-back personality.