Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Vegas BABY

Casey qualified for the Las Vegas AVP tourney this year which was his goal all season. I'm so proud of him. Only the top 15 players make it into this tournament, and he was ranked 13th! So Casey, Cash, and I road tripped to Vegas. The AVP put us up in the Mandalay Bay hotel where the tourney was being held. It was awesome. I love staying in hotels. I love having clean towels and sheets every day, big soft beds, a big bathtub, free toiletries, tissues, and having someone clean up after me every day. I feel so pampered. I took a hot bath every night in the huge tub while watching the flat screen on the wall in the bathroom. Amazing. I would love to live in a hotel. Anyways, back to the point, we had a blast in Vegas. Only complaint would be that is was so HOT! Cash and I were in a constant state of sweat. The Mandalay Bay has the most amazing wave pool and lazy river, so that was nice. But man, it was H.O.T.

My brother Joe drove down from Utah with my Dad, his son Ethan, and my nephew Truman. It was a boys weekend, except for me. :) I was so happy that they could all come down to support Casey. I love having my Dad and Joe around because they are hilarious and they are the family baby whisperers. I loved passing off Cash to them when I needed a break. My cousin Quinlan has been living in Vegas for a while now, so she came and joined us for Casey's games too. It was so good to see her. Most of my childhood memories involve her and it was like the good old days spending time together.

Casey was a ROCKSTAR in Vegas. He played so well and the whole tournament was buzzing about him. Did I mention I was proud of him? Well, I am. He has worked really hard and gone through a lot of obstacles (not to mention overcome a lot of neigh-sayers, me included) to become a top player in the AVP. This is only his second year playing and he has a lot of good years ahead of him. I can't wait to see what happens.

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Trent and Kim said...

We are so proud of him too and impressed with everything he has accomplished. His passion and his hard work is really inspiring. How cool that you got to stay in a sweet hotel and fun that a bunch of family got to come. I miss you guys!