Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Birthday Wishes

I turned 27 on Dec. 28. Casey had a game that day, so we celebrated my bday on the 29th with all the things I wanted to do. As you can imagine, nothing worked out as planned. But it all ended in a spontaneous and really fun day.

On my actual bday, we went to Mar Chiquita beach. It's shaped in a horshoe from the waves coming through the rocks and creating a cove. The waves were so big when we were there and it was a spectacular sight.
Then Casey's team played against their rivals, Naranjito, and beat them in 4. It was a really intense match. There was even a red card issued and a fight amongst the fans after.
Casey did really well of course. I'm really proud of him. He's come such a long way from his college days. And he is getting so much better every year. He even has his very own action card, tre cool.
The next day we were supposed to go to Culebra, a tiny island with the one of the top three most beautiful beaches in the world! But the weather was supposed to be bad on the island so that trip was delayed. Instead we went to our pool and hung out.
Then we drove to San Juan for sushi, shopping, and a movie. Problem is that everyone else in Puerto Rico had the same idea. It took us 30 mins to find parking. Then the ticket line for movies was ridiculously long. And the shopping wasn't that great. I wasn't feeling it. So we end up leaving. It takes us another 40 mins just to exit the parking structure. I'm thinking this must be the only mall on the island.

At this point I'm sullen because my birtday plans are not turning out as I had wished. We get back on the freeway to go home, and Casey sees the carnival that I've been asking to go to since we've been here. I'm a sucker for crappy carnivals. He pulls off and gets in line for parking. Suddenly, I was one happy girl. Despite another terrible parking experience, an overpriced entrance fee, and a very tired baby, the carnival was a perfect end to my bday.

Casey hates carnival rides so he watched Cash while I went on the rides by myself. We enjoyed a crappy piece of pizza. Three of the best hot dogs I have ever had (Nathan's!!!). And a piƱa colada. Happy birthday to me!!!!


Zach and Cecily said...

Where can I get Casey's action card?? I have a collection of "Men who Love Lexi" cards and so far it only contains Uncle Dave's minor leagues baseball card so I feel Casey would be an excellent addition.

AND You have convinced me, I am coming to visit you. I'm Sorry.

Cheltsie Spils said...

Puerto Rico sounds magical. I am jealous in every way possible. Crappy carnivals have to be my favorite.

Kristin Richards said...

hahah i love you for going on rides by yourself, marry me. i love the new pics of cash on the zebra blanket he is so beautiful

Amanda said...

Happy belated Birthday! I had forgotten that you and Morgan have the same b-day! He always complains that we forget him but we try to make it memorable every year-ok so we do forget him....