Friday, February 19, 2010

All Good Things Must Come to an End

I'll Miss...
Lazy days. Idyllic tropical weather. Our condo pools. Going to the gym with the family and then laying out. AC units in the rooms. A new big car. PiƱa coladas. Old San Juan.
Incredible beaches. Huge avocadoes. Sprite Zero. Plantains. Ceviche. Lechon (roasted pig).
Watching Casey play indoor. Casey's team. Corozal fans. Bompy (Corozal Mascot).
Pistachio gelato. Our small Metro Ward. Coqui frog sounds. Picnics and movie nights in bed. Blue police lights (the president's wife was pulled over and she thought the cop was being sneaky cause she didn't see him. So now all police cars have to keep their lights flashing all the time. It's a nice warning if you're speeding, but it can get confusing if you think you're being pulled over.) Rodriguez family. Morales family. Hatch family. Puerto Rican friends. Puerto Rican besos.

I Want...
Home Sweet Home. Our big TV. Our comfy couch, bed, and pillows. Carpet. Cable. In n out. Dr. Pepper. Thrifty's ice cream. Jamba Juice. Target. A clothes dryer. Cash's crib. Outfit choices. High heels. Traffic rules observed. HB 7th Ward. Mora Kai friends. Brown family. Harris family. Patterson family. Familiarity.


Linds Forrest said...

What a cool adventure. I am so jealous you lived in Puerto Rico, it's incredible!! What is your families next adventure?

Kev+Rach said...

This is so random, but we are moving from Orem, Ut to Huntington Beach and someone suggested the Mora Kai apartments. I've been googling to try and check it out and came across your blog. Did you live there? Any good things. Bad? It's sooo impossible to pick an apartment online! I hope Huntington is a good choice. We have two little boys so I figured you, (hoped) you may have some good information! Thanks for any help! I just know I'll end up renting something in the ghetto and not realize it until we're there!