Friday, February 5, 2010

Are You My Mother?

I swear Cash could care less if I'm around or not. I'm sure he recognizes me, but he never reaches for me or wants me over anyone else. We hang out at Casey's games with our Puerto Rican family. They are all crazy about Cash. And he happily goes to each of them without a backwards glance at me. He is the friendliest and happiest baby there ever was!

I know it's good that he is a friendly baby and not scared of other people holding him. But at the same time it's scary because some stranger could take him and he would be totally fine. Just look at them quizzingly, "Are you my mother?". And then accept it without a second thought and give them a big Cash smile. Breaks my heart thinking about it. Is he going to get to a stage where he only wants Casey and I to hold him? I hope so. And then when that time comes, I'll wish he would go to anyone and be friendly like he used to. Such is life.

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