Friday, December 3, 2010

Giving Thanks in Utah

November came and brought us another road trip to Utah. I was excited to see my family again, but not excited for the drive. A nauseated person who is prone to car sickness really dislikes 11 hour road trips. Just an FYI. Our drive started off without any problems until we hit Cedar City and the weather hit us. It was snowing so hard and really difficult to see. By the time we hit Beaver, they had shut down the freeway. We were stuck in Beaver for two and a half hours. There were thousands of cars lining the streets. Beaver had an influx of revenue that night. We just sat at a restaurant and ate until the roads were cleared and opened up. It made for a nice break, but a long trip to Utah.

This is the first time I've been back since my Father passed away. It was bittersweet not being able to go home for the Holidays, but still being with my family. We stayed at my sister Misha's house and had so much fun. She has a little girl, Sable, who is just 6 months younger than Cash. They were so funny together. She followed him everywhere and then they would just play side by side. Or go back and forth grabbing toys from each other. I can't wait to see them play when they are older. I'll be they will be the best of friends.

Whenever we go to Utah, Casey and I know that we will be eating way too much good food and staying up way too late playing games/talking. We were not disappointed. Each day was planned around where/what we were going to eat. That is music to a pregnant lady's ears. I started feeling a lot better while we were there. Misha gets sick when she is pregnant too, so she was really good about helping me eat when I needed to eat. She, along with myself, are food lovers. Eating makes us happy.

My niece, Brittany had her first baby the week before Thanksgiving. A little girl named Maili. We threw her a baby shower while I was there and it was so fun to see that little baby. You forget how small they are in the beginning. It was so nice to hold that little precious gift and know that I'm going to be fortunate enough to have another one soon. Cash is practically a teenager next to that little baby. Cash didn't even notice the baby. I'm sure it will be different when that baby is in my arms all day long.

We were in Utah during a blizzard weather warning. I lived in Utah for 12 years and never had a blizzard warning, so we were all pretty concerned. All of Utah was reacting to the severe weather warning. Schools and work got out early and everyone was sent home to wait out the storm. It did snow really hard and was frigidly cold, but didn't seem that different from other snow storms I've witnessed in Utah. I guess the wind factor was the biggest difference. Anyways, we survived the blizzard hype and enjoyed the snow the next day. We also ended up going to the Discovery Center with my family. Cash was in Heaven. He could have stayed there all day playing. I love his age right now. Just in a few weeks he has picked up on so many words, facial expressions, and is understanding much better. He has a really funny personality and is always trying to get everyone's attention. He wants to be center stage no matter who is around. Then he'll do something funny, dance, give you the side-eye, and then laugh really hard at himself. Cracks me up. I love being able to understand him and have him repeat everything I say. It's a joy getting to know him.

This was the first time that my Dad wasn't there to offer the opening prayer at the Thanksgiving feast. It smoothly transitioned to my oldest brother Joe. I am so grateful for my siblings. I love coming from a large family. They have been such a support system to me since the loss of my Mom and then my Dad. I am fortunate to be a part of their lives, and so happy that they will be there for the rest of mine. Thanksgiving dinner was as filling and fun as always. We had a traditional Brown Family Thanksgiving at my sister's ward building. We ate to our hearts content, and then we played games into the night. We even had a visit from the police because one of the kids prank called 911. Very eventful. Cash loved running around with all of his cousins. I wish I could have big parties like this for him to enjoy every weekend. He ran around with everyone and copied everything we were doing. He joined in on dodge frisbee and thought he was doing such a great job throwing those frisbees like everyone else. He makes me smile. Such a smart boy with lots of energy and a charming smile that makes you want to pick him up and give him a big fat kiss. He's really into kisses these days. Even makes the muahhhhh sound every time he doles one out.

I was able to go by my Dad's house and see the renovations that were completed. We re-did the main and top floors. It looks like a different house. All empty and new. It was rs. It looks like a different house. All empty and new. It was hard walking through it and knowing it would never be my home again. I hope a really great family buys it and takes care of it. My Mom always wanted to upgrade the house like we did, but never had the time/money to do it. She would have loved the way it looks now. I couldn't help thinking how much she would have loved all of the changes while I was there. I hope she is enjoying how great the house looks from Heaven. I always knew this day would come, but you can never prepare for it. It was hard to say goodbye to my home for that past 15 years. So many memories there.

We sadly had to leave the family once again to get back on the road and come home. It's always hard to leave my family. We have so much fun being around them. Cash loves all those kids. We got home safely and now we are preparing for Christmas. I love this time of year!


AMY said...

teary eyed- beautifully written lexi!

Lindsey said...

I always thought your family parties sounded like fun! I'm glad the tradition has kept on. I want to give Cash a big fat kiss just from your descriptions of him!