Sunday, December 18, 2011

Santa Claus came to town

We took the boys to Plaza Las Americas to get their pictures with Santa. It was not as joyous a moment as I had built up in my mind. But real life usually isn't, right? We could not get the boys to smile if our life depended on it. They were both so stoic. And Santa wasn't helping much either. He didn't have any candy to bribe them with, didn't ask Cash what he wanted for Christmas, and wasn't doing much to try to get them to smile. They were all just kind of there. So we took a picture of it.

Plaza is the biggest mall on the island. And it is always crowded. Even more so at Christmas time. They have a lot of Christmas things going on, but one of my favorite is the fake snow fall that happens three times a day. We caught one of the snowings (get it?) after our joyous visit with Santa.

Cash waiting for the snow to fall.
Cash mesmerized by the snow falling.

One of the coolest things they have for Christmas season is a Burger King explore area for kids. It has musical instruments they can play, slides, playhouses, free crowns, and free face painting. We stop by there every time we go to Plaza. Cash loves it. He went from experiencing face painting for the first time to obsessing over it. He always wants both cheeks painted, checks to make sure they are doing a good job, wants to watch, wants to help, and then always grabs the mirror and checks himself out after. He cracks me up. Such a funny little boy.

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Catherine Fishback said...

That Santa picture is awesome. I love it!!