Thursday, December 22, 2011

Seven months in the sun

Baby Guy turns 7 months old on Christmas Eve. He started crawling last week. I put Cash's food down on the floor so I could wipe off his hands. The next thing I know, Guy is crawling towards the food as fast as he could. He still scoots after a few crawls, but he is already crawling! I’m happy for his milestone, but sad that he is mobile. This means he is going to be getting into everything and that he's not my little newborn anymore.

Guy recently discovered his tongue. He sticks it out and blows raspberries all day long. And just the other day he went from cooing to talking gibberish and squawking. He is using his voice more and more these days and I love hearing him. I'm happy to report that he is also laughing now. Before it was a lot of grunting and little giggles here and there. But you had to work hard for it. Last night I was tickling him and he was laughing so hard that Casey and I lost it. It was youtube baby laughing funny. Too bad we didn't catch it on video. Guy is a sweet baby that loves to eat, watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, pull Mommy's hair, get stuck under tables/chairs, stare at his brother, laugh at Mommy, and put everything in his mouth. He is just the best thing since sliced cheese. 

This is Guy with his girlfriend Mia Butler. He kept trying to make out with her. It was so funny. She was not having it.

 I'm head over heels for the boys in my life. They might drive me crazy on occasion, but no one can make me laugh harder or smile bigger.

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