Monday, December 21, 2009

Can you hear the silver bells ringing?

My entire family went on the Polar Express in Heber, Utah the day after Thanksgiving. We bundled up, took pictures, dressed in pajamas, sang Christmas Carols, drank hot chocolate, read the original story of "The Polar Express", and got a visit from Santa Claus. The train was hot and slow, but on the whole it was a fun adventure. And I even heard the bell.

I was really excited to get Cash's picture with Santa. But it didn't go as planned. Santa was a little creepy. These were the best two pictures. Really.


Peter's Poison said...

HAHA OMG SANTA IS CREEPY!!! cash is sooooo smiley i love it. cant wait to see him and you when you return from PR. i drove through huntington the other day and thought of you guys. xo!

Lindsey said...

That Santa is kinda freaky.

Cash looks like he's getting real chubby. So cute.