Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cash Lately

I love having a son. Here is what we have been doing lately.
Sports. Sports. And more sports. He is destined to be an athlete. I wonder what sport he will pick.
Cash tore his upper lip frenulum. He fell off a little stone wall at the beach and came up with a mouth full of blood. He tore his lip flap right in half. The blood was the scariest part because it didn't stop for a while and it was a lot of blood. But after a little research online, I was relieved to find out that this is a common injury. No stitches or doctor trip necessary. Just a day in the life of a little boy.
Trying to be like Daddy. He loves doing anything that Casey does. He got a tool set from Grandpa and Grandma Patterson for Easter and he is all sorts of helpful around the house now.
Playing in the sun with the neighbors. Cash loves to be outside and be active.

The volleyball club that Casey coaches for threw a luau fundraiser that we were able to attend. It was fun to have a reason to dress up, eat good Hawaiian food, and watch a team of teenage girls fawn over my husband and son. Can you blame them?

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