Saturday, April 30, 2011


Aren’t cousins the best? Over the past few months Cash has had plenty of play time with cousins. My sister Debbie, my niece Brittany, and her new little daughter Maili came to visit soCal for a few days. Maili looks just like Brittany did when she was a baby, but with a little Samoan flair from her Daddy Trevor. It was so fun to see them and get the kiddos all together.
Brittany, Maili, Lexi, Cash, Nikki, Lily, Hank
My sister Misha stayed with us during spring break and we had a blast hanging out with all of our little ones. My sister Nikki lives in our apartment complex and is just across the sidewalk from us. She has twins, Misha has two girls, and I have Cash. We spent the week enjoying nap times. But seriously. These kids had a ball climbing all over each other. And I got to enjoy more time with my sisters. We took the kids to the Long Beach Aquarium and to see the new movie Rio. The Aquarium was awesome and the movie was a total disaster. I think I saw maybe 20 minutes of the movie and spent the rest of the time chasing around Cash or helping with the other kids. When you are playing with cousins, it doesn't matter what you do because it seems to be the best thing ever!

Hank, Lily, Arden, Sable, Cash

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