Saturday, April 30, 2011

Happy Easter 2011

We had a busy Easter weekend. We celebrated the twins first birthday, then Casey’s 31st birthday, and then had all of our Easter festivities. Misha and Adam stayed after spring break to party with us, Easter style. 
This was Cash’s first experience dyeing Easter eggs. He was not very gentle with the eggs. He kept throwing them down into the cups and splashing the dye everywhere. We managed to only crack three or four, but he had a blast.
 Next came filling up the plastic Easter eggs for the egg hunt. Casey and Cash spent most of this time eating more candy than they actually put into the eggs. As you can see, they both enjoyed themselves. Cash was in Heaven.
Nikki’s family, Misha’s family, Tim’s family, and my little family all got together at a local park for our Easter Egg Hunt. We let the little kids go first in the grass area where we just threw eggs our for them. Cash managed to get a few in his basket before sitting down and eating the candy. He spent the rest of the time going through everyone's baskets looking for candy.
We sang Happy Birthday to Casey at the park because he was in Brazil for his actual birthday. Cash loved it and thought the whole shebang was for him. It’s funny how quickly the attention turns away from you when you have kids. Now every birthday, including your own, is about them. Now that Casey is over 30, I’m sure he prefers it that way.

It was a blessed Easter weekend to have so much family around us and celebrate our Savior. One day I’ll have to explain the reason behind all of that celebrating to Cash. As for now, he’ll just enjoy his candy-induced comatose state and dream of the Easter Bunny.

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