Thursday, January 6, 2011

Exploring At The Farm

The best part about going up to Ventura, besides seeing our family, is all of the space they have on their farm that Cash can explore. He would spend all day outside if he could. Grandma got him rain boots for Christmas and he put them to good use. In the mornings he would feed the chickens with Grandma. In the afternoons he was outside with Grandpa on the swings or just exploring. They have a black lab named Max that he is intrigued by and a little scared of. I think it's just the size proportions that throw him off. He gets close to pet him and when he senses that Max could trample him, he backs off a little. Cash definitely takes after his Dad. He loves the outdoors, dogs, and playing with balls.
How cute is Cash with his Grandpa Patterson? I love seeing them hang out. Cash is definitely a guy's guy.
We had a visit from Casey's Uncle John and Aunt Sherrie and their daughter Christi while we were in Ventura for the holidays. Christi just had a little baby girl named Natalia. Cash was so excited to see his cousin. He was so sweet with her. He kept leaning in to her car seat and tried giving her hugs and kisses. He just wanted to grab her so badly. He kept gazing at her and then looking up and us and smiling. Then he saw her toys and his focus entirely turned to trying to get them off of the car seat. I loved seeing him with this sweet little baby. Cash is going to be such a good big brother and love his baby so much. I can't wait to see them together.

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