Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Santa Came To Our House

We have a tradition of opening one present on Christmas Eve, usually festive pajamas. Casey and I are over getting new pajamas each year, so we just open a present of our choosing. Casey found out he was getting another son and I opened up my new fancy camera. I bought it from my sister Nikki and I love it. I feel like a professional now. Cash opened up his winter monster pajamas and tiger slippers. He kept looking down at his feet and growling. This is him on the stairs in his new pjs right before he went to bed to dream of presents.

Christmas morning came and I woke up to two excited boys. Cash walked in and immediately ran up to his new car, started saying, "Wow, wow, woah", and took a seat. He didn't move off of it for the next hour.

Casey got a Wii from Santa! In addition to my new camera, I got a traditional women's dress from Qatar (with head piece included) from Casey. It's awesome. I can't believe we didn't get a picture. It covers me from head to toe and the only things showing were my eyes and hands. I know what I'm going to be for Halloween! Casey, Cash, and I received so many presents that I can barely name them without taking up a whole page. The Patterson's spoiled us this year!

Cash eventually got interested in opening presents. It didn't last long though. Every time he opened up a present, all he wanted to do was play with it. Then slowly he lost interest in it and wanted to open another one. His favorites, beside the car, were a magnetic fishing puzzle, a bunch of sports balls, and a town rug for his cars.

After almost two hours of opening presents, we finally started making a huge breakfast. It was incredible. We had oatmeal pancakes with buttermilk syrup, hashbrowns, bacon, scrambled eggs, oj, and milk. It was a breakfast for champions for sure. The rest of the day was spent hanging out in our pajamas. We played with the Wii, napped, snacked, worked on my new Coke puzzle, grazed on yummy food, and watched movies. My kind of Christmas. 

Cash loves his Grandpa Patterson. Whenever he came into the room, he automatically wanted to be held by him or sit by him. It didn't hurt that Grandpa always had a treat to share with Cash too. I love how much he has bonded to Casey's family. Thanks for a great Christmas Day, Patterson's!


Lauren said...

2 questions.. how many pieces is your new puzzle?! what kind of camera? santa brought me a new camera too! so excited!!

love both this post and the following one. i must admit i teared up when i read how excited everyone got.

love you!

julie said...

CRAP that puzzle is huge!