Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cheers for 2011

Our little family rang in the New Year with some good times at the arcade. Cash fell in love with skee ball. Casey revived his boyish love for winning tickets. And I had a blast trying to keep up with them. We ended up with a ton of tickets and turned them in for some prized arcade toys. Cash was beside himself with joy when we handed him the bag of toys.
We ended our night with our favorite way to eat out, Teppanyaki style! Cash is becoming well acquainted with chopsticks between our sushi Friday's and our love for Teppanyaki. Within 10 minutes of sitting down, he threw his chopstick across the grill and it landed on a ladies plate. She looked up and said, "Scholarship!" We all started laughing and I quickly apologized. During dinner, the whole table was entranced with Cash saying he was so cute, so sweet, so well-mannered. (Umm...Did you see him throw the chopstick?) It's funny to see him out in public. He loves attention from people and he totally feeds off of it. And he's a pro at eating out now. Between the pregnancy nausea and the holiday season, we have been doing a lot of that recently.
Cash's bedtime rolled around at 7:30 and we didn't have the heart to make him stay up for the countdown. We just watched Cars and whispered "Happy New Year" to him as he drifted off to sleep. Then Casey and I watched movies until Casey fell asleep. I finished off a bottle of Martinelli's to celebrate the New Year all by myself and then we went to bed. Happy New Year!
On New Year's Day, we went bowling with my brother Tim and his family. His birthday was the day before so we were celebrating that and the beginning of 2011. This was Cash's first experience with bowling (besides the Wii) and we came to the conclusion that we need to wait a few more years before we ever go with him again. All he wanted to do was pick the ball up (but it was too heavy), kick it down the lane, and run after the ball down the lane. He was constantly darting out in front of people and running down to get the pins on the slippery lane. It was exhausting. We had so much fun seeing our family and spending the day with them, but bowling will not happen any time in the near future.

My resolutions for 2011 are pretty much the same as every year. Be better and do more. I guess I'll go get started on that right now.

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Trent and Kim said...

Happy New Year!!! Good job updating, I have a lot of that to do. Cash is so freaking adorable. Can't wait to see you guys soon!!