Saturday, April 30, 2011

Farewell to the Harris Family

Remember how I said that my sister Nikki lives across the sidewalk from me in our same apartment complex? Well, she did. Past tense. The Harris family just bought their first home in San Clemente, CA. They moved out yesterday. Nikki and I spent the last few minutes before they left hugging and crying. I know it sounds ridiculous. San Clemente is only 45 minutes south of here, but it seems longer when you've been used to a few steps distance. I'm so happy for them, but I'm devastated for me and my little family. I have been so spoiled these past two years living so close to them. I saw them every day. Cash ran to their door and knocked every time we were outside. He considers Aunt Nikki his best friend. Their apartment was his second home and favorite escape destination. He loves their twins, Hank and Lily, like they are his own siblings. We had a great thing going here. And now they're gone. Cash has no idea that they aren't there anymore or how this will affect him. But I do. I'm tearing up as I write this. Sure, I'm pregnant and hormonal, but this really is a sad day. I depended on my sister across the way so much. I'm just realizing how much I took it for granted. I keep looking out our window expecting to see them across the way. This morning Cash ran out the door and ran straight for their apartment and knocked. I just cried. I'm just feeling a little lonely these days. Casey left us for 19 days and Nikki left us for good. I'll miss seeing cute little Hank and Lily every day. Miss having my sister within a stone's throw. And Casey will miss having his buddy Darren around. We sure do love the Harris family. Here's a look back at the good times at the Mora Kai. 
Aunt Nikki visiting baby Cash at Hoag Hospital
Aunt Lexi visiting baby Lily at Hoag Hospital
The twins helped Cash celebrate his first birthday
The twins on their blessing day in HB at our ward
Aunt Nikki and Cash doing best friend stuff
Lily, Cash, and Hank enjoying their first wagon ride
Hank and Cash being boys in the pool
We'll miss you guys.


mj said...

Awe. i feel sad for you. I wish I lived next door to my sister.

Lauren said...

i just sat here for the last i don't even know how long and read every word that you have 'caught up on'. you've been busy. i'm so sorry that nikki and darin have moved. i hope casey makes it back sooner than later. i miss you. a lot. are we going to get an elk weekend this year? it sounds like your sisters weekend was perfect :) family is the best thing in the world!! cash is a hoot and i can't believe how big he is. he's going to be a great older brother.

sorry for the random thoughts.. but that's my mind latey ;)

i love you!!