Wednesday, November 16, 2011

El Churry

Casey and I love watching the show Man vs. Food with Adam Richman on the Travel Channel. We were watching it last year when Adam visited Puerto Rico and ate at the famous food truck, El Churry. I made a mental note to eat there when we came back here. I had totally forgotten about it until our friends wanted to meet us there for dinner one night. And it did not disappoint. The bread was soft, the meat was savory (and well cooked, I have chewy/rubbery meat texture issues and this meat was good), and the mayoketchup (PR version of fry sauce) was the perfect addition to it all. We also added bacon, cheese, and potato sticks (mini french fries) to the sandwich just to take it up a notch. It was greasy goodness. We will definitely be going there again.

The family we went with are the Butlers. We met them in our ward here in PR and we have so much fun hanging out with them. They are living here while Jake is in dental school. Their son Carson is 3 and their little girl Mia is 4 months. And we just figured out the other day that Heather and I are distant cousins! My Dad would be so proud. We even pulled out the genealogy books and tracked down our common heritage. My Great-Uncle on my Mom's side is married to her Great-Aunt on her Dad's side. Such a small world. I love finding out about about my genealogy. I wish my Dad was still alive because he would have gotten a kick out of me finding a cousin in PR.

Mexican cousins


ChelseaSpilsbury said...

That's so funny! That happened to me here in Dental school! A family named the Whettens.... they moved here strait from Colonia Juarez. They would be your second cousin. Why do I love that place so much? And why is it so fun to find cousins? What great aunt is it????

Unknown said...

Such a Small world! Very fun to figure out the connections. We'll have to do el again very soon!

Unknown said...

El churry*