Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Plataneros de Corozal

Casey is playing for the Plataneros de Corozal volleyball team again. They won the championship last time we were here, so we're hoping for a repeat! This is Casey's fourth season playing in PR and he has a lot of die hard fans. It's fun to watch how into the games they get. They call themselves the BOOM squad. They come to all the games and are obsessed with our little boys. We have that in common. The boys and I love going to his games and cheering Casey on. Cash is a handful at the games because he just wants to be running around or with Daddy and the volleyballs. He managed to run out onto the court during one of the games the other night. Casey caught him and the referee had to stop the game. I was mortified. He now knows that he isn't allowed out there, but he still likes to test me now and then. Cash's favorite thing at the games is the team mascot, Bompy. He is fascinated with him. Bompy comes over and dances with Cash and gives him fives periodically. You can see it in Cash's face how much he loves it. I can't wait until Cash is a little older and can actually sit and watch Casey play. I love watching him in his element. I hope he gets to continue to do what he loves for as long as his body will let him.

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