Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's already been half a year?

Our baby Guy is six months old. Where did the past six months go? It feels like a blur of newborn snuggling, kissing, loving, crying, sleepless nights, milestones, diapers, more diapers, more snuggling, complete infatuation, love, endless smiles, and exhaustion. And what do I have to show for it? A beautiful, yummy, sweet, smiley, cooing six-month old. I guess that's a pretty good deal. We feel so blessed to have Guy in our little family. I am completely obsessed with him. I smother him in kisses whenever I get the chance. I just love this stage. He smiles whenever I look at him. I remember when Cash used to do that. It melts my heart. Casey calls Guy the silent laugher. When he smiles, his whole face lights up and it looks like he is miming a laugh. We only get a few giggles out of him, but his smile is the best thing in the whole world and he gifts us with it all day long. 

All Mom’s probably feel this way, but I could stare at my babies all day long. Whenever I change Guy's diaper he looks up at me and starts cooing and grabs my face to bring it closer. It’s like the best thing ever. I always wondered if a second baby would get as much attention as our firstborn did. The answer is yes. I feel like I understand how fast it goes now, so I soak up all his babyness as often as I can. All I have to do is look at Cash and it instantly makes me want to snuggle Guy closer. Cash doesn’t want me holding him close unless he’s super tired or sick. And once upon a time he was my baby. Luckily I have my little baby Guy to hold close and I'm not letting go. I asked my Mom one time why she had so many kids. (I’m the youngest of 11.) She responded, “As soon as my babies grew up, I would miss having one, so I had another. I love babies.” I totally understand how she felt. My love affair with my babies starts from day one. The newborn stage comes with a lot of changes, healing, and exhaustion, but holding a perfect tiny baby on your chest while they sleep is the closest thing to heaven that I can imagine. Then when they start sleeping more at night, staying awake during the day, recognizing you, smiling at you, and reaching for you, it’s bliss. When my little baby smiles at me just because I’m his Mother, it feels like everything I always thought Motherhood would be.

So I guess all it takes for me to forget the past is six months. Remember how I have bad pregnancies and I always say that every pregnancy is my last? Well just today Casey said to me (like he always does), “Good job Mom. You sure do make cute babies. Let’s have another one.” And for once, I replied, “Okay. Let’s do it.” Here I am. Completely in love with my husband and two boys. So happy that I can hardly stand myself. And I’m ready to do it all over again so that I can expand our little family that I love so much. Gone are the terrible memories of nausea, back pain, labor pain, labor issues (and all that implies), healing from birth, breast infections, etc. All that remains is joy and love for this perfect little angel that makes me feel complete. How could I not do this again? It is more than worth all of the pain. I’m not saying we are going to start trying to get pregnant any time soon. I’m just saying that my mind is now open to the idea. I’m with my Mom on this one. As soon as my little baby isn't my little baby anymore, I guess I’ll have to start over with another one.

Back to Guy. Here are some things he is doing at six months.
  • scooting
  • goes up on all fours and rocks
  • sitting up with a little help
  • eats rice cereal, pear sauce, apple sauce, and bananas
  • puts his own binky in (one of my favorite milestones!)
  • sleeping through the night from 7pm to 7am (a little blessing to Mom and Dad)
  • smiling smiling smiling
  • cooing (and it’s just the most adorable thing I’ve ever heard)
  • torturing his brother whenever he can get his hands on him (The other day I made Cash a sandwich and put it on his mat on the floor for him to eat. I put Guy in the bumbo on the floor farther away so he wouldn’t bug Cash while I ran downstairs to the kitchen. Within a few minutes Cash started screaming, “No, no, MINE, Nooooo!” I ran back upstairs and Guy had flopped himself out of the bumbo and scooted his away across the floor to Cash’s plate. He had one half of Cash’s sandwich in his grasp and he was gnawing on it as fast as he could while Cash ran to the corner to scream and escape his wrath. What a bully. I told Cash to calm down and just move his plate away next time Guy comes after him, but I’m not sure he could pay attention. He kept eyeing that sneaky Guy. I was just mostly impressed with how quickly Guy made it all happen.)

Our baby Guy is growing up and our little Cash is getting so big. Casey always says the next thing we know, they'll be going on their missions. Realistically, I know that day is far away and when it's close I'll probably be shouting for joy. But right now it makes me heartsick for the day I'll have to say goodbye to them. For now, I'll just keep changing their diapers and appreciating these special times I have with them. I feel so blessed to know that I'll always be their Mother. 

Happy 6th Month Guy Smiley!


Peter's Poison said...

i die. cant wait for all of this at some point. you look so happy!!! you and casey are great parents. xoxoxo

Zach and Cecily said...

Aww Lex. You're such a cute mommy. I can't wait for Scarlett and Guy to get married. And PS Is it me or is Guy super tall? I mean I know he's tall on account of his parents but I mean come on. Anyway I love him and I don't even know him. Can't wait for our girls trip...I'm drinking a latte right now in your honor. Love!!