Saturday, November 5, 2011

Love for Cash

I feel like I've been blogging about Guy a lot lately. I don't want to leave my little Cashman out. He is such a funny little boy. He is still the king of making faces. All about testing limits. Loves movies, balls, bubbles, play-doh, cars, books, arcade games, guns, swords, and pretend fighting. Loves playing volleyball with Dad. Refuses to catch a ball, but can put his arms out in a platform and pass. He is getting better at swimming and would spend all day long in the pool if it were up to him. Obsessed with animals of all kinds. Always runs in the opposite direction of Casey and I. He's a big boy who shares a room with his little brother. He usually ignores Guy, but every once in a while he smothers him with attention. He recently decided that it was okay to shower. He used to scream unless it was a bath, but now he thinks it's fun. His favorite foods are cucumbers, cheese, chips, cereal, pasta, edamame, apples, protein shakes, french fries, and chicken nuggets. He would choose cucumbers over all of those all day long. He eats at least an entire English cucumber every day. He's all about my turn. Whenever he wants something he always says, "my turn." And more than anything, he loves to dance. When he hears a beat, he's just gotta groove! And the thing he loves more than anything in the world (besides his Daddy) is his green and zebra striped silky blanket that Aunt Renee made for him. He is most often seen pictured with it, takes it everywhere he goes, and can't go to sleep without it.

Here are some funny things that he says:

"moomie" (movie)
"beentet" (his silky blanket)
"coo-cutters" (cucumbers)
"tayntoo" (thank you)
"bob bob" (Spongebob square pants)
"pat pat pat" (Little Einsteins)
"no wanteee or wanteee" (I don't want it or I do want it)
"holdeee" (hold me)
"oh oh oh, okay" (when we are trying to tell him something and he's acknowledging us while nodding his head.)
"mommy" (means Mommy or Daddy. Used to only call us both Daddy, but switched to only calling us both Mommy now. I like that better.)

Me: Cash how old are you?
Cash: Two!!! (and holds up his fingers while trying to make the peace sign.)
Me: What's your name?
Cash: Two!!! (still trying to make only two fingers stand up)
(He always answers "Two!" when I ask him his name. Refuses to say Cash. When he does say Cash, he calls himself "Dash".)

When he does something good or is excited about something. He looks at us and says, "Up high!" Then wants a high five. Makes us laugh so hard every time.

We love our Cashman.

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