Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sharing is Caring

Guy has been sleeping in our room since he was born. After we moved to Puerto Rico, I started feeling like there was no time like the present to move him into Cash's room and get them accustomed to sleeping together. The first step was getting him to sleep through the 4am feeding. That took a while because most nights I was too tired to deal with the process. Eventually I got him sleeping through the night until 6am. Cash usually wakes up at 7am, so I thought that was close enough. We bit the bullet and put them both to sleep in Cash's room one night. The next week was a blur of sleepless nights and the boys taking turns waking up and crying.

After that first week, it started working out okay. We are now at the point where they will both sleep until 7am, most nights. Oh blessed day! I love having our room back. I love having them share a room. And I love the things that are happening because of this transition. One morning I checked on them and found Cash reading books on his bed while Guy was just playing in his crib. My favorite was when I heard Guy crying one morning and I went in to get him only to find Cash in the crib with Guy. Not sure I want to know how he manage to get himself into the crib, but I loved that he wanted to be in there with baby Guy. Guy wasn't loving it probably because Cash landed on him on his way in. But that's what brothers are for right?

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Peter's Poison said...

this is the about the sweetest thing i have ever heard/seen. xx