Tuesday, November 1, 2011

La Marquesa Forest

We took a day trip to La Marquesa Forest in Guaynabo on Casey's day off. After you park, there is a little train that drives you up the hill to a lookout point and a waterfall. We stopped for pictures and walked around. Then the train goes farther up the hill to a playground/picnic area. We stopped here and got out to eat lunch and play around. The last part of the hill is too steep and narrow for the train to go, so we hiked on foot up the rest of the way. At the very top is a tall tower with a 360 degree view of Puerto Rico. It was goregous. Only problem was that it was a very hot day. We were all sweaty and tired by the end, but La Marquesa made for a fun day trip.

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Shel said...

looks like your cute family are living it up! what a great life! it was fun to catch up blog stalking you :)