Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Guy at Two Months

Guy turned one month old on the same day that Cash turned two years old. They are exactly 23 months apart to the day. I can't wait for Guy to get bigger so they can play together and be best friends. They are already so aware of each other. Guy settles down anytime Cash comes near him to comfort him. And Cash is always checking on him. He looks for him first thing in the morning when I get him out of bed and checks in on him throughout the day. I love seeing Guy react to Cash's presence. He instantly turns towards him and just watches him. These brothers make me really happy.

Guy is two months old now. Time is flying by with this little babe. At his two-month checkup, he was  13 pounds 10 ounces (87%) and 25 inches long (97%). I have learned a lot about this little man in his two months of life. Guy loves to take baths or rather to be bathed. He is very relaxed and calm unless he is hungry or tired. His scream can go from zero to sixty when those two times come into play. He loves his brother. He still furrows his little brow a lot which makes me feel like he's judging me because it's usually when I'm acting a fool trying to get him to laugh. I bet it's because he's a deep thinker. Don't all mom's think their kids are geniuses? Well, I'm no different. He's got a lot on his mind. Like, where's that tall guy that takes me from this nice lady with the milk? And when am I going to get that milk again? He loves cuddling in bed with me. That might be more a projection of what I love, but he falls right to sleep every time I pull him in close, so I'm running with it.

Guy loves his Mama. I know this because he follows the sound of my voice and smiles every time I smile at him. Even if he is mid-cry, he will give me a little smile. It's almost like he can't help it. I must have that great of a smile, it's contagious. Or he's just a really smiley baby. Which brings me to his new nickname, Guy Smiley. You may remember him from Sesame Street. Well our little Guy sure is smiley, so I think it will work perfect. And his smile lights up his face. You can't help but beam right back at him.

I sure do love this little man. He is perfection in my eyes. All two months of him.


Lauren said...

i can't believe how big he is!! lexi he is too cute for words! we need to meet. i love that he and cash are so aware of each other.. that's perfect.

we sure do miss you guys! love you to death!!

Trent and Kim said...

He is so so cute!!! I love all his faces and I can see more of you in him in all these pictures. I love Guy and Cash together and can see they are going to be so close! I miss you guys a lot!