Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Independence Day

We spent 4th of July weekend at my sister Nikki's new house in San Clemente. Casey was in Switzerland for the week and we wanted to do some celebrating with our family down south. We had a great holiday weekend. We started the day off at the beach, went swimming in their hot tub, made banana cream pie and homemade vanilla ice cream, barbequed, and played with family. I was too tired to make the trek down to the pier to watch the fireworks, so we watched them from the house in our pajamas. I love this holiday so much, but this year was dampened by Casey's absence. Hopefully next year we will get to do something really fun as a family and the boys will get to see the fireworks. This year I was just happy that we were with family. I love my family and I'm so glad Cash has cousins his age that live close by. He loves his cousins.

We didn't get a long nap in because we were having too much fun. Unfortunately, this affects Cash's picture posing abilities.
Guy seems unfazed.
Happy Independence Day 2011

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