Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sister Patterson Comes Home

Casey's sister, Jessie Kate, came home from her mission in Korea last week. She hasn't seen Cash since he was five months old and had never met Guy. Casey was in Canada, so me and the boys made the trek up to Ventura to attend her homecoming. It was so great to see her and hear her stories of her 18-month mission for our church. I love visiting Ventura and letting Cash run around. He has so much fun with Casey's family and especially exploring the farm. I'm so grateful to have Casey's family in my boys' lives. They are so good to us. It's a great experience to have the only grandkids on the Patterson side because our boys get so much attention and love. Cash runs around like he owns the place and they get a kick out of him. I know Guy will be the same way. I'm lucky to be a Patterson.

Cash, Grandpa Patterson, Grandma Patterson, Guy
Aunt Jessie, Cash, Aunt Sarah, Guy, Aunt Erin
Welcome home Aunt Jessie!

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