Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Boys

Guy turned one week old on Tuesday, the same day that Casey left for Japan/China again. He has been such a good little baby this week. We had to get him tested for jaundice and by some miracle, he didn't have it that badly. Probably because he was a week overdone. I'm so grateful we didn't have to do the lights with him. He is a great breast feeder and a sweet little baby. He makes us so happy.

Things I've noticed about Guy:
He must have a lot on his mind because he furrows his brow a lot. He has amazing dreams because I have never seen a baby smile so much while sleeping. His favorite spot to sleep is on my chest. It's my favorite spot for him too. He responds to my voice. He doesn't like to sleep at night, but he loves to eat at night. He has red hair! I hope he keeps it. Casey's beard grows in red and my Dad was a redhead when he was young. He's very alert and calm for a newborn.

I don't think there is anything better in the world than this right here.

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Shel said...

Congrats! Guy is adorable, as if I would expect anything less. Isn't it crazy how gigantic a new baby makes big brother?! Glad you are both doing well and that you have help while Casey is gone!