Wednesday, July 27, 2011

One Little Blessed Guy

Casey blessed our little Guy on Sunday. He did a great job keeping it simple and sweet. He blessed Guy to live up to his full potential, to be an example to his family and friends, and to always be worthy of his priesthood. Guy is such an important part of our family in just seven weeks of life. Cash is always making sure that I don't forget about Guy, very aware and at ease with him, and concerned when he is crying. Guy rounded out our little family unit and we are so blessed to have his sweet little spirit in our home.

Casey's family, my family, my best friend Kristin, and her boyfriend Tyler joined us for Guy's special day. I'm so grateful to live near family and friends who support and love us. Thanks for helping us make Guy official.

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Trent and Kim said...

Such a beautiful family! I'm so glad you had so many people there. How awesome that Tyler and Kristin could come. I love you guys!