Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Work it Guy, Work it Cash

My amazing sisters, Debbie and Jacque, came to help me with Guy while Casey was in Japan for a week and then China for a week. I am so grateful to them. I really needed the help. So much so that I couldn't even pull out my own camera and take one picture of them with Cash or Guy. I'm terrible. But I was fighting off breast infections and sleep deprivation. I have the best sisters in the world. I owe them big time for filling in for my Mom since she passed away. I'm one lucky little sister. 

While Jacque was here, she took Guy's newborn photos. We had Cash get in on the shoot too because he is just so darn cute. She did an excellent job of capturing my sweet little boys.

Look at that size difference!
The only way we could talk Cash into kissing Guy's head was by putting a cheerio on his head and telling him to eat it. Can you believe how great that is?

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Catherine Fishback said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these!!!!!