Saturday, September 18, 2010

5th Wedding Anniversary

I can't believe we've reached the five year mark! We have had so many incredible experiences so far. Graduated from college, lived with my Dad, moved to Sweden to play pro vball, moved to Huntington Beach to follow Casey's dream, welcomed a beautiful son to our family, moved to Puerto Rico for pro vball, and now we are back in HB awaiting our next adventure. Casey has far surpassed my ideals of the perfect husband and opened my eyes to so many wonderful things. He is so kind and warm to everyone. He makes everyone feel at ease and makes them laugh just as easily. He's a likeable guy. And I sure do like him.

Casey, thank you for helping me to be a better person. Being patient with me, encouraging me, supporting me, comforting me, and mostly for just listening. It's because of our decision to marry 5 years ago that we have been blessed with our beautiful son Cash. How lucky are we? I can't wait to grow old with you. Let's make some more memories and babies, okay?

Casey surprised me with a weekend away on our 5th wedding anniversary July 1, 2010. We drove up to Ventura and dropped Cash off at the Patterson's for the night. Then headed on up to Santa Barbara for a weekend of celebration. The hotel was right on PCH across from the ocean and had a walk-out patio with a gorgeous view. The first thing we did when we checked in was take a nap. So romantic. Ha ha. We were so excited to lay down in our huge nice bed and sleep. When we woke up we took a walk down the pier and ate at the local fish restaurant on the wharf. The food was not good. But the walk and pictures were fun. We both ended up feeling sick after. I even threw up my food. Yuck. So we headed over to the grocery store for some nourishment. We came back to the hotel and just took it easy.
The next morning we had breakfast on the beach that ended up saving the trip. So yummy. We headed back to pick up Cash that afternoon after lunch at Casey's favorite Santa Barbara spot. On the drive, we started talking about how good it felt to just be alone and do what we wanted. But at the same time how much we missed Cash. It was the first time I had ever been away from him overnight. I was really anxious to see him and see if he had even missed us. When we got there, he was really excited to see us and started showing off. Then he quickly got over us and wanted to impress Grandpa, Grandma, and Sarah. Thank you so much for watching our baby. We love you guys.

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