Saturday, September 18, 2010


It's history in the making. This is the first time in 3 years that Casey has be in town for Independence Day. I was so excited. Until I found out that the 4th was on a Sunday and we couldn't do any of the local activities that I love. We missed the 5k run, the breakfast, the parade, the biking down to main street, and of course the HB pier fireworks. Luckily, we were able to hang out with family and friends and do some pretty amazing things anyway. On Saturday, we went to the beach, barbequed, and just took it easy. The Harris twins were blessed on Sunday the 4th. We were so happy to join in on that special occasion. We followed it up with a luncheon at Nikki's sister-in-law's house in Talega. It was quite a spread. Really good food and really good company. We spent the afternoon doing my favorite things: eating, talking, laughing, and being lazy.
We followed the after party to my brother Tim's house in San Clemente. He has four beautiful little girls who are crazy about Cash. It's fun to see them play with him like a little doll. He just sits back and enjoys the ride. We barbequed and talked until it was time for fireworks down on the San Clemente pier. As we walked down the street to the beach, I looked at Casey and Cash and I was so grateful. My loving husband and sweet little baby were there with me, celebrating freedom. I love our country. The freedoms we enjoy and the responsibilities we uphold. I am so glad to be raising a son in country where he has so many choices and opportunities. I couldn't be happier to celebrate these blessings with the two gorgeous men in my life. Aren't fireworks the best way to end such a special day? This was Cash's first official firework show and he soaked it all up. He kept pointing and saying, "ooooohhhhohhhhhh". Man, what a cutie. I love Casey, Cash, my family, and the United States of America!

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