Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hatch Family Reunion 2010

Cash and I took another road trip up to Utah for our Hatch Family Reunion in August. All 11 of my siblings were coming to town and it was going to be epic. It was everything it promised. We spent two days at Lagoon, Utah's famous theme park. Hit up the local drive-ins, ate out at my favorite spots, saw old friends, partied with cousins, went to the park, had campfires in the canyons, and just enjoyed family time. And that was just pre-reunion celebration.

The 2010 Hatch Family Reunion was help at Timp Lodge up above Sundance Ski Lodge. The Hatch side is my Mother's family and it had been 3 years since our last reunion. Needless to say, it was loooong overdue. We started the day off with a big feast, then lots of catching up. The next day we had the hike to Stewart Falls, the water games, volleyball tournament, ultimate, and program/dance. My team won the volleyball tournament, of course! Then the final day is capped off with a testimony meeting and long embraces. I can't wait until the next Hatch Reunion in 2012. I love my cousins!
After the reunion, we decided to spend another week in Utah. Casey wanted to play in a Corona tournament in Breckenridge, CO and it's only a 7-hour drive from Utah. So we extended our trip. This time we hit up the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point, hung out with family, and partied. You know, the usual.

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Lindsey said...

Cash is seriously so adorable. And I love that picture of you laughing. Brings back good memories.